Visit Hector's World


Visit Hector's World

Hector and his friends enjoy playing computer games and chatting online. They use their computers, the internet and mobile phones the cybersmart way. Explore the online world with Hector and find out how to stay safe.

Hector can help with things like:

Watch videos on keeping your personal information safe Keeping your personal information safe
Your personal information is very important. It can tell a lot about you. Learn how to keep that special information safe with Hector.

Watch videos on cyberbullying Cyberbullying
Computers and mobiles can be great fun, but some people might send mean messages that upset others. Let Hector and his friends show you how to stand up against cyberbullying.

Watch videos on computer security Computer security
Did you know that virus files can make your computer stop working? Learn how to protect your computer with Hector.

Hector the dolphin Meet Hector’s Friends
Hector has lots of cool friends and just like you and your friends they are all special in different ways.