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The latest stats on teenage smartphone use.

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Ouch, did I really spend that much?

Mobile devices are great for keeping in touch and now with smart phones you can connect whenever and wherever you are.

While you can do just about anything with your mobile, you need to understand the implications of being constantly connected.

Know the basics

  • Nothing is ever really free – be wary of advertisements for downloads of ringtones, songs and images. You may be automatically subscribed to a premium service and this can become very expensive
  • Think before you send - it’s easy to forward a SMS, photo or video, but do you know where they will end up?
  • When buying a phone, check details of the plan or contract - buy the one that suits your needs.
  • Don’t accept offers that sound too good to be true - they probably are.

Protect yourself

  • Protect your privacy - only give out your mobile number to people you know and trust
  • Don’t give out other people’s numbers without their permission
  • If your phone is lost or is stolen, notify your network carrier and the police immediately
  • Record your IMEI number just in case your phone is lost or stolen. Visit for more information
  • If you use bluetooth change the settings so that the phone is not ‘discoverable’.

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