Cybersmart Access

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Cybersmart Access is a series of fun games designed to reinforce key cybersafety messages to children with special education needs.

It is a free resource designed for use within specialist and mainstream schools and can be enjoyed by all students regardless of their abilities.


Flash based games with text alternatives

Age group:

11 - 14    

Key issues:

  • safe social networking
  • protecting personal information
  • responding to cyberbullying and unwanted contact
  • digital reputation
  • responsible online and mobile use

Cybersmart access characters



Lesson plans

Cybersmart access resources have been developed by teachers with expertise in special education. Each of the four Cybersmart Access games are supported by teacher resources to help reinforce key cybersafety education messages for students with special education needs.

Two units of work are provided for each of the Cybersmart Access games, one targeted at upper primary students and one targeted at lower secondary students.

  1. Upper primary_Cybersmart Access_Pic Your Friends.doc (1.5MB)
  2. Upper primary_Cybersmart Access_Crowd Surfing.doc (572KB)
  3. Upper primary_Cybersmart Access_Drop Box.doc (979KB)
  4. Upper primary_Cybersmart Access_Flip and Fix.doc (1.1MB)
  5. Lower secondary_Cybersmart Access_Pic Your Friends.doc (2.1MB)
  6. Lower secondary_Cybersmart Access_Crowd Surfing.doc (654KB)
  7. Lower secondary_Cybersmart Access_Drop Box.doc (1.1MB)
  8. Lower secondary_Cybersmart Access_Flip and Fix.doc (1.2MB)

Text alternatives are provided for students unable to access the online games.

If you use the Cybersmart online teaching resources we would appreciate your feedback. To provide feedback, please complete the feedback form (PDF 114Kb).

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