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Select the appropriate schooling level for cybersafety classroom resources.

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All Cybersmart resources are provided free of charge and all are supported by lesson plans and classroom resources. Most Cybersmart lesson plans are available under Creative commons licences which enable teachers to change, translate and share new creations with other teachers and students.

What are students doing online?

Understanding what students are doing online and how they are using online technologies provides teachers with a solid base to teach cybersafety.

Select the appropriate schooling level for access to cybercitizen profiles and videos where children and young people describe their technology use, how their use changes with age and the importance of technology in their lives.

Primary school

Secondary school

Student technology audit

Understanding how students use technology can help educators most appropriately target their cybersafety lessons. The Student technology audit  is a quick and effective tool to establish how students use computers and other technologies and provides a good starting point for conversations about cybersafety.


The ACMA has an ongoing commitment to conduct research into how children and young people integrate technology into their daily lives. All current ACMA research papers are available for download.

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