​Pre-service Teacher Program

To ensure student teachers are adequately prepared to manage online safety issues in schools, Outreach provides free presentations to pre-service teachers in their final year of tertiary study.

The program equips pre-service teachers with skills, knowledge and confidence to educate their future students about cybersafety.

Topics covered include

  • Cybersafety in the context of professional standards
  • Professional conduct and protecting yourself
  • Professional knowledge
  • What's trending in schools
  • In school scenarios

Pre-service Presentations



1 hour lecture

Explores digital youth culture – the ways in which young people engage with technology and the relationship between social and emotional development to online behaviour. Includes discussion of prominent cybersafety concerns such as cyberbullying, sexting, unwanted contact and exposure to inappropriate content.


1.5 hour lecture

Covers all information provided in the one hour lecture with greater elaboration of content, with more time for discussion and questions.



1 hour tutorial

Provides information on safe teaching practices and duty of care management, with practical strategies for integrating cybersafety strategies into the curriculum and classroom. Includes scenario based learning activities.

Cybersafety for pre-service teachers

Senior Outreach Trainer, Greg Gebhart, addresses final year education students on the impact of digital culture in the classroom.

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