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Cybersmart Outreach logoTo inform and assist teachers, children and parents about online safety, Cybersmart Outreach offers free cybersafety presentations in metropolitan and regional centres throughout Australia. All presentations and workshops provide valuable information about the risks confronting children online and offer appropriate tools and strategies to help make their experience safe and positive.

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Professional development programs

Pile of books with tree growing out of themCybersmart Outreach offers a number of Professional Development (PD) programs for educators ranging from the fully accredited face to face workshops through to online learning programs via the Connect.ed portal. The PD programs focus on the range of cybersafety issues facing students and teachers and provide an overview of the school's and teachers' legal obligations to minimise and address risks.

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Pre-service teacher program

Pre service teachers studying Pre-Service Teacher program is an interactive lecture and tutorial program designed for universities. It aims to equip pre-service teachers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to educate their future students about cybersafety.

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Lesson plans, issue-based information and policy guidance for educators.

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Free cybersafety resources for schools, parents and libraries.



Educate yourself and your children about online safety.