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You can have lots of fun on the internet chatting to friends, playing games and being creative. Meet Sam and the Gizmo family, draw a cybersafety picture and submit it to our gallery, find out who you can trust online with the Access gang or check out our links to other fun websites.



#GameOn is a cybersafety video series following the online experiences of a group of lower secondary students. Over five short episodes, the students find themselves in situations that catch them off-guard and teach them the consequences of making poor decisions online.

Comic Book Capers resource

Comic book capers

The Gizmo family need some help to be cybersmart.
Can you help them make the right choices?

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How cybersmart are you?

Sam wants to know how cybersmart you are. She will guide you through 11 questions about staying safe online. Decide what you would do and select an answer from the ones provided. Put your thinking cap on. Good luck!

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Cybersmart Access resource

Cybersmart Access

The Access gang help you to unmask online bullies, learn to keep your personal information safe and protect your friends. The gang has four challenges for you to test your online knowledge.

Do you know who to trust?

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