Staying legal

The internet is a great place for sharing stuff, but you need to remember that you are responsible for what you share online. And that means there can be a very serious side to all the fun.

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Respect other people’s content. If you want to post content or images that aren’t yours, ask first. Check with your mum or dad before you pass on content that you find online to other people.

Read the terms and conditions of any photo-sharing sites or other sites on which you can post information. Ask a parent to run through the details so you’re clear about what’s expected of you as a user.

Download sites can also contain viruses and nasty pictures. Make sure you ask a parent for permission before you download anything.

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Need to talk?

Has something happened online that makes you feel uncomfortable, scared or sad?

Talking to friends and family can help. It can also help to talk to an expert about what’s happening. If you want to talk about a problem you can visit Kids Helpline or call them on 1800 55 1800. This service is private and free.

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