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Help - Talk to a counsellor about cyberbullying or anything that has worried or upset you.

Help and counselling

Learn more about Kids Helpline and take a look at how Kids Helpline helps children and teens deal with their online issues.

Cybersafety help button

The Cybersafety Help Button provides internet users, particularly children and young people, with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia.

The help button is a free application that is easily downloaded onto personal computers, mobile devices and school and library networks.

Report - Report cyberbullying or anything you've seen online that isn't right.

Uncomfortable with someone or something on a popular social or online game site?

Tell the website!

Reporting prohibited content

If you have come across illegal or offensive material on the internet via your computer or mobile device, you can report it to the ACMA Hotline.

Reporting child exploitation

If you are concerned about online behaviour that involves the sexual exploitation of a child you can report it to the Australia Federal Police (AFP).

Report cybercrime

If you have been affected by cybercrime and wish to lodge a report you can do so via the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (the ACORN). The information provided in your report may be forwarded to federal, state, local or regulatory agencies within the relevant jurisdictions for further investigation.

Report an online scam or fraud

Found something that may be an online scam or fraud? Report it to Scamwatch to ensure that others know what to look out for.

Learn - Learn how to stay safe online

The Easy Guide to Socialising Online

Want to learn how to socialise online safely? The Australian Government's Easy Guide to Socialising Online provides information on how internet users can protect themselves and their information when using social networking sites, search engines and online games.

Cybersmart Contact Centre

The Centre provides information and advice to assist children and young people with their online safety issues and processes orders for Cybersmart brochures, resources and requests for Outreach presentations. Advice can also be provided to parents, teachers and other carers who are seeking assistance on behalf of children and young people. The Centre is not able to provide advice to adults on their personal online safety issues. The Centre can be contacted on 1800 880 176 or via email at cybersmart@acma.gov.au. Resources can also be ordered online.

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Download the Cybersafety help buttonHelp Button

Download the Cybersafety Help Button