Cybersmart Challenge

Cybersmart Challenge is a suite of interactive learning games offered free to primary schools across Australia that aims to educate and empower students about how they manage cybersafety issues in real life situations. Teacher resources include fun classroom activities and lesson plans.

There are currently 3 unique Cybersmart Challenge programs:


Cybersmart Detectives

Cybersmart Detectives addresses online safety and grooming and encourages young people to think before posting personal information online. It is designed for use by upper primary classes*.


Cybersmart Hero

Cybersmart Hero addresses the issue of cyberbullying and the responsibilities of those in the best position to influence cyberbullying—the bystander. The Cybersmart Hero program is designed to meet the learning needs of students in the final year of primary school*.


Cybersmart Networking

Cybersmart Networking has been tailored to the needs of 12-14 year old students* and aims to provide new and prospective social networking users with real experience of potential issues and how they can prevent them.

While the programs can be used standalone, they are designed as complementary modules. When used as a series, they foster deeper understanding about internet safety.

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* Age recommendations are indicative only. The programs have been successfully used by students outside these age ranges.

Tasmania Police take part in the launch of Cybersmart Networking

Program partners

The Cybersmart Challenge suite brings together a number of agencies with an interest in online safety for children and young people. These include State and Federal Police, education providers, government and child welfare advocates. Tasmania Police take part in the launch of Cybersmart Networking

Edith Cowan University - Educational evaluation of Cybersmart Detectives

Cybersmart Detectives has recently been refreshed following an independent evaluation by Edith Cowan University. The independent evaluation identifies where the activity is having the most impact, and areas to improve the educational experience for both students and teachers. This is in line with Cybersmart’s policy of ensuring programs continue to drive positive behaviour change.

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